A Message from the PTA: We are Always Recruiting! We have a great new group of folks on the Board.

After a strange couple of years, we hope to bring back some of our old favorite activities next year (Fall Festival?! Movie Nights?! Ice Cream Social?!) and we need folks like you to help out. Many of our OV families have never experienced many of these activities. If you have questions, please reach out.

We'd also love to hear all your fresh ideas! Let us know how you want to help!

Here's a list of some PTA Board Positions and Volunteer Opportunities. ...check back for updates!


Board Positions Still Open for Next Year!

Co-President: [We've got one daring soul who has volunteered to be President next year!] Oversee and coordinate the work of the PTA Board.  Presides over meetings.  Serves as official contact and representative of the PTA.


Fundraising Chair(s): In the ideal world, the Fundraising Chair would oversee and organize OV fundraisers and work with committees to ensure that fundraisers occur.  Generally, Fundraising Chairs also run some of these events.


    The following positions are not official PTA Board Positions

    Race and Equity Chair: Liaison between the RET and the PTA.

    Staff Appreciation: Coordinate Staff Appreciation week, including coffee cart, lunches (made by volunteers) and other events.

    The OV Arts Committee: [This Committee is separate from the PTA, but works with the PTA and is always seeking participants.] We LOVE the Arts! If you believe in the arts as an integral part of your child’s education and would like to be involved….join us to learn more about The Olympic View Arts Committee. In small ways and one-off efforts, you can be involved at any time! We offer art classes with a full-time dedicated art teacher and part-time music teacher. Each year we also offer arts residencies for all grades, art classes in every classroom led by volunteers through our Art Docent Program, art activities during lunch on campus, virtual arts programming and we are starting UP a YouTube Arts channel to post creative activities to access at any time. We are always open to new ideas and ways to support our students. We are a thriving community because of all of you! Contact: Liz Law melaw@seattleschools.org.

    Interested in Volunteering for PTA sponsored events? Please email: info@ovpta.org.


    Interested in Volunteering for Seattle Public Schools (in the classroom, field trips, etc.)?

    For NEW volunteers please go to this link: New Volunteer Application

    For RETURNING volunteers please go to this link: Returning Volunteer Application

    If you have any questions about volunteering, please email: Sabrina O’Brien at snobrien@seattleschools.org

    Olympic View Volunteer Awards

    We can't do anything without your help and WE THANK YOU!  Each year the PTA is honored to recognize those outstanding volunteers who consistently go above and beyond on behalf of Olympic View and our students!

    The Golden Acorn Award: An award presented to a volunteer in recognition of their dedication and outstanding service to the youth in the Olympic View community. This person will likely have donated their time to multiple classrooms and have helped many OV staff and students. It is to recognize volunteer service “above and beyond” a particular job description. [Recent winners: Kim Davis, Liz Knaster and Tiffany McNees - 2022; Jill Hughson and Laura Palmer Kunen - 2020; Trisha Matthieu - 2019; Kristina Bernhardt and Rebecca Letwin - 2018; and Jeanette Ferguson - 2017.]
    The "LOVE" Award: The "Lifetime Olympic View Elementary" award recognizes individuals who have given countless hours of time to Olympic View, whether it be in classrooms, the office, the building, the neighborhood, etc. This would be someone who has gone beyond the normal scope of their job to enhance the entire community at Olympic View. This could be a teacher, staff member, volunteer, student, etc. [Recent winners: Pam Heindl and Lisa Boveng - 2022; Sabrina O'Brien-Albin - 2020; Rachel Roosma and Deborah Wickliff - 2019; Jeff Aylsworth and Kathleen Zagers - 2018; and Margaret Johansen - 2017.]

    The Ada Snyder Award: An award given to a senior citizen to recognize their service to the Olympic View community. [Recent winners: Sue Adriance and Leslie Wittmen - 2020; Ingrid Cloud - 2019.]