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The Olympic View PTA (OVPTA) is thankful to all of our volunteers, families, sponsors, and the Olympic View staff and administration for supporting our mission. 

LOOKING FOR ANSWERS?  The most up-to-date, official information is always found at the Seattle Public Schools website or the Olympic View Elementary website! Make sure you read your emails from Principal Bean and from SPS. Important information is coming out regularly, so stay informed!

What's New?

OV Science Night – Coming on Pi Day!! March 14

We are looking for community members that can share their love of STEM. Hobbyists, scientists, medical workers, engineers, etc…

The Science Night Committee can help you create an engaging age appropriate exhibit.  Think robots, tooth decay,  3-D printers, lizards, plants, compost, cow eye discretion, fossils, drones, bees, rockets, chickens, engineering, terrariums, astronomy, and more.

Please contact Sarah Wichlacz at: swichlacz@gmail.com 

OVPTA Surplus Grants for 2023-2024!
The PTA Board decided that we can fund some surplus grants this year!
Do you have an idea that supports the OVPTA mission and goals, but you need funds to make it happen? The PTA has designated up to $20,000 to be spent on projects executed by our OV community members. That means YOU, our OV staff and our OV families, can submit a proposal for a project you’ll spearhead! In past years, these mini-grants have funded classroom books, equipment upgrades, outdoor projects, and end of year activities. We’ll be trying to prioritize projects that benefit the most OV students and have longevity, but don’t be afraid to submit a proposal for something outside-the-box! Does it make OV even more amazing than it already is? Let’s hear it! We’ll collect proposals, ask for PTA membership input, and the PTA Board will approve some (but not all) proposals each month until the end of the year, or we reach our spending limit. You can find more details and fill out your proposal here: Surplus Grants.

Don’t be intimidated by the proposal, it is just our process to get the information, it does not have to be a professional-looking grant!

The PTA Board approved 2 surplus grants at our February Board Meeting.

Please email president@ovpta.org with questions or if you’d like to submit your proposal via paper form.


Show your Eagle Spirit!! Buy Spirit Wear
We believe that OV gear builds community pride and every student should be able to show their spirit, so we have priced these shirts as low as possible. This is not intended to be a PTA fundraiser, but if we receive any money from these campaigns, we will purchase shirts to distribute to students who may not be able to afford them. Click here or the Donate and Buy Tab.